Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Slow down and barbecue!

One of the benefits to owning a small retail store is the interaction I get to have with customers. I had an older gentleman come in this morning who had been in one of our classes earlier in the year.

He was what I would call a "good ol boy".  We shared some stories and opinions back and forth for quite a while.

We had a great conversation about how our society has become not only a disposable one but more and more in a hurry. Today if something takes 5 minutes to cook I know I have caught myself groaning. Over 5 minutes!

Have you ever been in line somewhere and the wait is maybe 10 minutes and the people in front of you are complaining about it. For 10 minutes. Are our lives really spinning that fast out of control that 10 minutes becomes an eternity?

As the owner of a barbeque supply store, I know some people will never appreciate the patience it takes to make good barbecue. Yes, it takes a few hours to make a good brisket or a rack of ribs but the outcome is fabulous. And while it is smoking, you can be doing something else!

I hate to think in years to come that people will lose their minds over something taking 10 seconds to complete. Eventually we will need to slow down or life will pass us by way to fast. Maybe that is what everyone wants. Who knows.

Our country is one of the youngest out there. Galen (the older gentleman) pointed out that in our country if a building is 100 years old we consider it a historical landmark.  Earlier this year he had been on a visit to England and touring a castle. He struck up a conversation with one of the employees of the castle and inquired about a recent renovation the castle had been through. She replied that they indeed had a recent renovation of the castle... back in 1625!

I was in India for 2 1/2 months for business. I saw forts and temples that were over 2000 years old. And we consider a building that is 100 years old a historical landmark! Amazing.

Take some time to slow down once in awhile. Enjoy what is around you. Try some barbecue now and then. You won't be disappointed.

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